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Produce attractive and effective church newsletters – every time!

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The NEWSLETTER Newsletter provides the knowledge, advice, content, graphics, clipart, images and artwork you need to produce quality church newsletters.

Now, in addition to the monthly newsletter and our popular online search tools, you'll also get access to our Online Caption editor to change art and photo captions with ease – and without the need for any other programs! Adjust your font size, type and color to get the image that best fits your needs. Add your church name ... Personalize a birthday message with a member's name ... Add the date and time of a church event ... The options are endless!

With each monthly issue of The NEWSLETTER Newsletter you'll be able to ...

    • Improve your newsletter skills -- from writing to mailing -- with our How-To articles and Art Tips.
    • Add visual interest to your newsletters with our professionally-designed illustrations created especially for churches.
    • Use as-is or adapt the timely filler material, Words of Welcome, Bible Quizzes and more.
    • Activities Pages feature puzzles, games, activities, snacks and crafts for family fun.
    • See our Feature section to discover what other churches are doing in their newsletters.
    • Includes unlimited online access to more than 10,000 church art designs, photos and PowerPoint.


For more than 40 years, America's #1 church newsletter resource, The NEWSLETTER Newsletter, has helped thousands of church newsletter editors create unique, professional-looking publicationsand it will help you, too.

For your convenience, The NEWSLETTER Newsletter is a continuous subscription. You're never obligated to continue. You can cancel your subscription with a click of a button at any time.

Two delivery options to choose from—same great stuff! No matter which method you choose, you'll receive the same quality material every month like clockwork.


Product Detail

  • Images:

    Add visual interest to your church newsletter and other publications with professionally designed illustrations created especially for the church. Illustrations include a wide variety of styles — contemporary, sacred, classic, graphic and lighthearted. 

  • Content:

    Editorial shorts and fillers you can use as-is or adapt to fit your own situation, including Bible Quizzes and Words of Welcome for your worship bulletins.

  • Activities:

    Attract young readers to your church newsletter. Our Activities page for kids features puzzles, games, snacks and crafts they'll love. 

  • How-To:

    Each month, look for professional advice on a variety of subjects related to church publishing including help for improving the layout, writing, design, mechanical preparation and mailing of your newsletter. 

  • Feature:

    An exemplary church newsletter is reviewed each issue, providing creative ideas you can use in your own publications. 

  • Newsletter Basics:

    The basics of newsletter production are discussed for those who are just beginning, or as a refresher for those with more experience.