SourceBook of Children's Sermons
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SourceBook of Children’s Sermons arms you with 260 clear and compelling illustrations, all of which are easy to assemble and ready to go. Most children’s sermons are deep but hard to present, or easy to put together but shallow. In this download product, we provide thoughtful sermons appropriate for children with ease of presentation. This is the combination that pastors want and need.

SourceBook of Children’s Sermons download version provides the same children’s sermons offered on the popular, sold-out CD/Book version. This convenient, downloadable product gives you immediate access to the same, valuable resource without waiting for the physical product to arrive or paying shipping and postage costs.

SourceBook of Children’s Sermons are:

  • Ready to Go: Sermons that can be selected and used at the last minute, with vivid images sure to captivate children and adults alike.
  • Quality: Scriptural, not psychological – tied to the Bible passages you already plan to preach on.
  • Easy to Assemble: Messages that incorporate common household objects, from light bulbs to ten-dollar-bills.
  • Quantity: 260 different children’s sermons – enough to cover three to five years of Sundays without repetition.
  • Convenient: Each sermon is printed one-sided on an 8½" x 5½" sheet that fits easily in your Bible! 
  • Integrity: Sermons that teach Christian truths through clear and compelling illustrations, much like how Jesus taught through parables.
  • Accessible: Messages that are easy to locate using the Church Year, Scriptural Index, or Topical Index.
  • Tried and True: Created by a Senior Pastor with 27 years of experience in crafting successful mini-sermons – giving you exactly what you need to meet your children at their level of learning.


Product Detail

  • 260 different children’s sermons
  • Scriptural based, not psychological .
  • Each sermon is printed one-sided on an 8½" x 5½" sheet
  • Church Year, Scriptural Index, and Topical Index.
  • All sermons are contained in one easy-to-hold 9" x 6" binder
  • Download version provides all sermons in PDF and Word Format.
  • Download file is a zip file containing .DOC and .PDF files and is 20 MB.


All sermons are compiled and adapted from Children’s Sermons originally written for Homiletics Online.


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