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Essential Church Certificates for Children Product Logo on Sunbeam Background Example Children's Church Certificate for Memory Verse with 3 sheet and a shepherd's hook Example Achievement Church Certificate for Kids with Tie-die background design Participation Church Certificate for Kids with two silhouettes holding hands and jumping on green background Perfect Attendance Church Certificate for Kids with Stars VBS Church Certificate for Kids with Balloons Children's Church Certificate of Participation with an airplane pulling a banner design Laptop Computer showing a Children's Church Certificate being edited on the screen

Essential Church Certificates - Children's Edition

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We understand how important it is for you to recognize the children of your church and those who teach them. They deserve to be praised and acknowledged for their hard work, efforts and talents. Now you have an easier and less expensive alternative to reward the children of your church. Essential Church Certificates - Children’s Edition offers you the greatest value, choice and flexibility when it comes to recognizing the children and their leaders within your church.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to use Essential Church Certificates - Children’s Edition!  

  • Never run short again. Now you’ll have 50 printable templates of the most frequently used children’s certificates at your fingertips. You simply print them as you need them! (Available as an immediate download.)

  • Eliminate Waste. You’ll never use prepackaged, preprinted certificates again. Now you can produce as many or as few as you need!

  • Save time and unnecessary frustration. No more last-minute runs to the store or time-consuming searches for the right certificates.

  • Reward children more often. Because they’re reproducible you have more opportunity to be spontaneous. Take advantage of unexpected occasions to reward children that have gone the extra mile or just need a boost.

The convenient download provides professionally designed templates you can use immediately. Regardless of the version you choose, all certificates are easy to edit, appropriate for all Christian denominations and are provided in both Microsoft Word and Publisher (compatible with 97-2003 versions and newer). 

They’ll take you only minutes to prepare, but they’ll look like you spent hours. And, your entire children’s ministry staff and volunteers can use them! Essential Church Certificates – Children’s Edition will become an essential part of your Sunday school and children’s ministry program. Your staff will have greater peace of mind and will never be caught again without the perfect certificate for every occasion.


So, what exactly is included? 

The easy download contains:

  • 50 Certificates provided as a PDF and in Microsoft Word formats.
  • All certificates are provided in 8½" x 11" landscape format and 8½" x 5½" portrait format.

Product Detail

Essential Church Certificates - Children’s Edition includes templates for:

  • Certificates of Promotion - General (All ages), Younger Children, Older Elementary, Middle Elementary and Tweens, Multi-Aged Classes
  • Certificates of Participation - General, Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, Children's Choir, Mid-Week Activities
  • Certificates of Appreciation - Children's Teacher, Leader or Helper
  • Certificates of Recognition  - General, Outstanding Achievement, Completion (Sunday School and General), Perfect Attendance
  • Certificates of Achievement – General, Congratulations, Memory Verse completion, Psalm 23 memorization, Books of the Bible memorization.

PLUS, a FREE BONUS! From our popular Essential Church Certificates

  • Certificates of Child Baptism
  • Certificates of Child Dedication
  • Certificates of Confirmation – Confirmation & Membership, Catechism Class Completion and Catechism & Membership

Technical Information

  • Each Certificate is provided in 8½" x 11" landscape format and 8½" x 5½" portrait format.
  • Compatible with most Windows PC and Macintosh computers.
  • Each Certificate is provided as a PDF and in Microsoft Word format for easy editing.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word 97-2003 or higher.
  • Download version contains a ZIP file of PDF and DOC files that is 121 MB.