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Fundraising Guidebook for Benefit Golf Tournaments

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Could your church — or a charity you support — use $10,000 … $20,000 … or more?

Would you like to raise it in a single day —without selling a thing?

You can do it by sponsoring a Benefit Golf Tournament at a local golf course!

Les Wicker is a pastor who has organized several successful benefit golf tournaments in three different states. Most have become annual charitable events and have already raised over half a million dollars! He’s found golf tournaments are a perfect way to raise large funds for churches, charities, missions and ministries

We convinced Les to share his tips and the secrets of a successful charity event using golf tournaments in this tightly-written, easy-to-understand guide for anyone who might want to consider this highly effective fundraiser event.

Here, Les carefully leads you step-by-step on how meet your fundraising goal by creating a charity golf event. He shows you how to approach your board with the idea of a tournament … how to choose a golf course … how to negotiate with a golf pro … how to plan a tournament … how to find sponsors and volunteers … how to attract golfers … how to maximize proceeds to reach your fundraising goal … how to organize tournament day … and much, much more.

Included are three fail-safe checklists for three different planning schedules. So whether you want to take 12 months, 6 months or even 4 months to plan your tournament, you’ll know exactly what to do — and when.

The comprehensive Appendix contains dozens of sample forms, flyers, press releases, ads, letters and brochures, so you won’t need to re-invent the wheel for your fundraising event. We provide a downloadable zip file containing easily accessible PDFs that contains all the material that you need. The PDFs are easy to print from your computer, when you need them—it really couldn't be easier to launch your own charity golf tournament event.

Hosting a golf fundraiser does take preparation, but there are few other ways to raise a significant amount in one day — and have as much fun doing so. It’s also a good way to reach golf enthusiasts who may be only marginally related to your church, and provide them with a pleasurable way to be involved in your ministry.

Anyone with an interest in golf and a passion for a cause can organize a successful charity golf fundraising event using this guidebook. If you follow the steps in this manual, you can’t fail. But you can reasonably expect to raise between $10,000 and $30,000 … in the very first year alone!

Product Detail

  • The PDF is a downloadable copy of the Hard Cover notebook that is no longer in stock.
  • We'll take you step-by-step through the process of holding your own golf fundraising tournament.
  • Three fail-safe checklists for three different planning schedules for your golf fundraiser event.
  • The comprehensive download file includes an Appendix containing dozens of sample forms, flyers, press releases, ads, letters and brochures in PDF, 8½″ x 11″ format.