Homiletics Sermons for PowerPoint®

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Creating unique topical sermons week to week can be challenging, but with Homiletics Sermons for PowerPoint® you'll never be at a loss for words or visuals.

Homiletics Sermons for PowerPoint® provides not only quality sermon content, but also coordinating PowerPoint graphics. Other products in the market either provide just the sermon content or the graphics and imagery. We’ve combined our premier sermon resource and professional graphics to provide you with one product to create your sermon and add visual aids that bring it to life.

With Homiletics Sermons for PowerPoint®, you can rest assured that the quality of the material is the highest caliber because of its exclusive content from the premier Homiletics journal that’s been helping pastors write powerful sermons for over 25 years.

You can easily edit or rearrange the sermons to fit your needs. Or, you can trust the content of the provided sermons and deliver it as-is. The choice is yours.   

Homiletics Sermons for PowerPoint® includes 6 presentations per topic, as well as sermon outlines, slide captions and contemporary background imagery for PowerPoint® to enhance each presentation.

You can choose from 10 main topics and 60 possible sermons, all with matching PowerPoint® graphics and complete outlines!

Each topic is downloadable as a ZIP file containing the topic's sermons and images. You can begin using the material immediately.

You receive:

  • The trusted, high-quality sermon content of the premier sermon resource, Homiletics.
  • Both sermon content and background imagery.
  • A wide variety of topics and sermons to fit your congregational needs.
  • The ability to change, edit and incorporate your unique style into each sermon or use as-is. It’s your choice.

Product Detail

Each topic includes

  • 6 presentations
  • 6 sermon outlines
  • 6 slide captions and contemporary background imagery for PowerPoint


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  • Buy 1-2 Topics - $9.95 each
  • Buy 3-5 Topics - $8.95 each
  • Buy 6-8 Topics - $7.95 each
  • Buy 9 or more Topics - $6.95 each