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Scripture Cover Art 2010

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It isn’t every day that you can pay less and get more, but this set of beautiful, reproducible bulletin covers allows you to do just that. For a fraction of what you’d spend on preprinted bulletin covers, you receive 66 illustrated Bible-verse covers designed expressly for Christian worship.

With this collection, you get every cover in both black-and-white and full color, and the bulletins come in a variety of file types (TIFF, WMF, JPEG, GIF). That way, you can use these gorgeous images not only for bulletin covers but for other applications as well, including on the Web — another advantage over pricey preprinted covers.

Plus, every cover is provided in both English and Spanish.

This set gives you well more than a year’s worth of easy-to-prepare, eye-pleasing covers, with maximum flexibility and minimum cost. The covers, while easy on the budget, enable you to prepare high-quality, attractive bulletins to enhance your church’s worship services.

Product Detail

  • 66 reproducible, illustrated bulletin covers
  • Available in black-and-white and full color
  • Each design comes in a variety of file types:
    • TIFF
    • WMF
    • JPEG
    • GIF
  • Provided in English and Spanish
  • High quality and easy-to-prepare