SourceBook of Worship Resources Volume 4

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Whether you have traditional, blended or contemporary services, you want words to help your people express their real needs to God — that’s why we’re pleased to introduce the fourth volume of this great SourceBook series — SourceBook of Worship Resources Volume 4 — our biggest Sourcebook ever.

The SourceBook of Worship Resources Volume 4 will assist you in preparing your worship services. It contains an abundance of worship material for use throughout the Christian year and all the material is indexed by liturgical season, Scripture and theme. You’ll find nearly 1200 all-new resources including Calls to Worship, Invocations, Prayers of Confession, General Congregational Prayers, Pastoral Prayers, Benedictions and additional liturgies for special services. There are in addition several Lenten Scriptures presented in dramatic style, Advent candle-lighting liturgies, a blessing of the animals and a house blessing. There’s even a collection of appropriate quotes to print in your bulletin for moments of meditation.

What’s more, in addition to the book and text files, we also give you all the material as a searchable PDF. You can load this directly into your computer and find exactly the material you want by keyword. And with the PDF, even if you don’t have your copy of the book at hand, you still have all the great contents immediately available anywhere you have your computer.

Enhance your worship services with fresh, thoughtful and meaningful elements available at your fingertips in this superb collection.

Product Detail

  • Nearly 1200 All-New Resources
    • Calls to Worship
    • Invocations
    • Prayers of Confession
    • General Congregational Prayers
    • Personal Prayers
    • Benedictions
  • All Material Indexed by Liturgical Season, Scripture and Theme
  • Material also comes as Searchable PDF


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