Bible verse activity games for preschoolers
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Bible Verse Hunt Printables

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Interactive Bible Verse Games for Kids

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Step beyond a paper-and-pencil puzzle to get youngsters outside—or at least out of their chairs—when you want to harness their energy and make learning Scripture verses hands-on. It's easier than you might think to embark on a Bible trip through the Bible with these printable Bible Verse Game sheets.


These Bible verse scavenger hunt printable activity sheets are based on God's Word and emphasize the necessity of reading Scripture and memorizing Bible verses. Kids can go on a fun seek-and-find quest, interacting with a variety of Bible-related items using their senses.


These printable downloads include 5 themed Bible verse games that incorporate verses from the Bible and common objects you may find around your home, nature, church or during special holidays. Children will be asked to read Bible verses or use their Bible to fill in the blanks for specific items highlighted. Once they've completed their sheet, they'll then search for those items!


Although these are designed for preschool-aged children and up, they can also be great for youth groups or small group orientations or camp games where teens and young adults can compete on a time limit.


If using these games in a church setting, print as many copies as you want, without having to pay for extended licenses.


Everyone can assemble for a recap time of Bible study, discussions, and prayer after completing the Bible verse scavenger hunt—whether singly, in pairs, or in teams. Leaders might also challenge students to memorize one or more memory verses from the Scripture scavenger hunt list.


We also include a Leader Guide with tips to help jumpstart your adventure.

Product Detail

What is included with the Bible Verse Hunt Games:

5 Game Editions in 2 versions (a Pre-school aged version and an elementary-age version):

  • Church Edition
  • Home Edition
  • Easter Edition
  • Christmas Edition
  • Thanksgiving Edition



About the different versions:

  • In the Junior Version, six Bible verses are spelled out completely with one themed-item term bolded. Teachers and parents can read each line aloud to the children and tell them which thing to look for. Preschoolers, pre-kindergarten pupils, and even some lower-elementary students will like this edition.


  • In the Regular Version, there are 12 verses, each containing a fill-in-the-blank word. Before going out to find such items, children can look up the Scripture references in their Bibles to find the missing themed terms. Most elementary-school-aged kids will benefit from this edition, however, some may require assistance in seeking Bible scriptures.


Your downloadable, zip folder will include the following PDFs:

Bible Hunt Verse Games in 5 editions—11 PDFs total:

  • Church Edition Game (regular and junior versions)
  • Home Edition Game (regular and junior versions)
  • Easter Edition Game (regular and junior versions)
  • Christmas Edition Game (regular and junior versions)
  • Thanksgiving Edition Game (regular and junior versions)
  • Leader Guide with instructions and tips.