Sermon notes designed for kids and adults
Sermon notes designed for kids and adults Printable sermon notes for adults example Children's notes to use in sermons Sermon notes for children templates

Printable Sermon Notes for Kids and Adults

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A simple approach to taking notes while listening to a sermon or Bible study is to download sermon note templates. They offer simple-to-follow prompts that help you use your creativity while you engage in the sermon. 

We've created three sermon note templates designed for adults and kids. These single-sided pages are 8.5" x 11" and come in 2 designs for adults and 1 design perfectly created for children. They are available for instant download and are easy to edit and customize for your church or home setting.

The sermon companion note pages provide attractive designs in both feminine and masculine styles plus a design that will appeal to children.

These fresh designs are a great starting point if you have an interest in creating a Bible journal. Or print them to use during sermons or Bible study times.

Product Detail

In this FREE, easy-to-download PDF file, you'll receive 3 professionally-designed templates.

Each adult template has 5 sections that can be completed. Those sections include:

  1. Sermon Title & Date
  2. Key Verses
  3. Worship Songs
  4. Notes
  5. Prayers

If you'd like to keep the children in your church engaged during your services but you don't want to keep them occupied to keep them quiet merely, then the sermon notes for children are a great approach. They are also perfect to use at home during family Bible devotions and more.

The children's template has six sections to fill out, in a fun design — helping to keep the kids attentive and focused on the topic:

  1. About the Sermon (Record who’s speaking and the date.)
  2. Where in the Bible? (Record book, chapter and verse, and who is in the passage.)
  3. What I Learned/What Happened (This section helps encourage listening comprehension.)
  4. What I didn’t Understand (What didn’t they understand or words they did not know.)
  5. My Favorite Song
  6. Draw Something!

And there's a section to include your church name and address  — if you use them in a church setting. Or if using these templates at home, a parent has a place to include a memory verse.

Technical & Printing Information: 

  • Downloadable PDF file
  • Pages are designed to be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper. In your printer settings, choose Actual Size (not scaled up or down). 

Usage Guidelines: 

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  • You may alter the content only to add information such as your church's name or a nice note to a child. 
  • You may NOT resell the content as a whole or any of its parts. 
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