Color 1.5-Inch Round Wafer Seals

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Give your newsletters a little color with Wafer Seals

We know how important it is for your church’s newsletters and other mailings to be just right. With Wafer Seals everyone wins! The U.S. Postal Service doesn’t have to worry about its machines jamming, and you can mail paper newsletters that are easier to open, more attractive and help qualify for bulk mail automation-rate discounts. Who doesn’t like saving money on postage?

Our color Wafer Seals mailing tabs come in variety of vibrant colors, such as our best-selling Lime color. These fresh colors can help you draw special attention to upcoming events or information featured in your church newsletter. These color seals have the same strong adhesive to keep your mailings secure, but also look their best. These colors are just plain fun! These mailing seals are perfect to coordinate and draw attention to upcoming events featured in your newsletter!

Preparing a newsletter mailing is a big job, and the last thing you want to do is struggle with applying Wafer Seals. All our Wafer Seals color mailing tabs are strong and easy to use – as we are the only company that ships our seals in an easy to use dispenser box for ease of application and storage!

Because we see how our customers love Wafer Seals, we provide you the ability to save more as you buy more – plus mix and match the colors that you prefer. The more Wafer Seals you buy, the more you can save throughout the year. Don’t miss out to make your church’s mailings look their best and save time and money as well.

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Product Detail

  • 1.5-inch Round
  • 3,000 per Roll
  • Comes in an Easy Pull Dispenser Box
  • Color options include: Cherry (Red), Orange, Banana (Yellow), Lime (Green) & Bubble Gum (Pink)



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