Frosted Round Wafer Seals

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Mail booklets and newsletters and still meet Postal Regulations with our premier Frosted 1.5-inch Wafer Seals. These frosted mailing tabs will not cover up any of the text and graphics you work so hard on, because the frosted material is translucent when applied.

You’ll also find that sealing a heftier paper newsletter is easier because of the Frosted seal's large seal size. Your church members will love you for it since they’ll be able to easily open it without destroying their newsletter. These translucent mailing seals are designed to hold your publication closed, yet they can be torn open much more easily than traditional Wafer Seals. Frosted Wafer Seals are our easiest to open!

All our mailing seals use the same pressure-sensitive self-adhesive used by large commercial mailers. And, we are the only company that ships our mailing seals in a dispenser box for ease of application and storage!

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Product Detail

  • 1.5-inch RoundRound
  • 3,000 per Roll
  • Comes in an Easy-Pull Dispenser Box

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