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Image of a empty tomb on watercolor background Photo of an Easter Object Lesson printed on a piece of paper Photo of an Easter Activity Sheets printed on a piece of paper Photo of an Easter Craft instructions printed on a piece of paper Photo of a child's hand using watercolors on a table

Easter Activity Kit for Families

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This Easter Activity Kit for Families is a fun, interactive way to engage in the true meaning of Easter at home. Simply print, read, engage, color, create and have fun celebrating the Empty Tomb of Jesus and what that means for us. 

For adults, we have an Easter Object Lesson and an easy-to-understand story guide to help you get started with engaging in the story with your children.  For children, we have multiple bible activity sheets for ages 3 and older, a craft idea and memory verse coloring pages. 

As parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and caregivers — we know that spending time with children at home or outside church can help build a strong foundation of faith in little ones.  That's why one of our goals at Communication Resources, Inc. is to provide support and free resources to parents, guardians and caregivers to engage with children at home.   

Families will enjoy spending time together centered around God's Word as they explore this Easter story. 

We've created these resources specifically for families to use at home.  You won't need a Biblical literature degree to get started, these free resources are easy to use and understand to help parents feel confident in engaging with their children on the important story of Easter.  

Below you will find more information about what's included in this kit. You may find this Easter Activity Kit works for your church setting or Children's Ministry as well or is something your church would like to share with your community to encourage families to do at home. 

Product Detail

What is included in this Easter Activity Kit? 

The Easter Activity Kit includes a printable and easy-to-use downloadable PDF to then print and use within your home or church. 

You will receive 

  • "How We Know God Loves Us" Easter Object Lesson from Matthew 27:11-54
  • The Empty Tomb Story Guide from Children's Worship Bulletins
  • 2 Activity Sheets for Ages 7+
  • 2 Activity Sheets for Ages 3-6
  • Easter Watercolor Painting Craft Instructions
  • 2 Suggested Memory Verses for Easter 

Technical & Printing Information: 

  • Download PDF file
  • Pages are designed to be printed on 8-1/2" x 11" paper. In your printer settings, choose Actual Size (not scaled up or down). 

Usable Guidelines: 

  • Communication Resources, Inc. is granting you unlimited sharing rights. You may share all the content found in the Easter Activity Packet PDF any way you wish.  
  • You may alter the content only to add information such as your church's name or a nice note to a child.  
  • You may NOT resell the content as a whole or any of its parts.  
  • You may NOT remove, edit or alter any copyright information. 

Ordering Information: 

To download, add this Free Resource to your cart and then select the "Checkout" button. You will be asked for your information but will not be asked for any billing or credit card information unless you have other items in your cart that require a purchase. 

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