Product Discontinuation Notice

Dear Valued and Loyal Customer,

This letter is a formal notification that Communication Resources, Inc. will be discontinuing our Wafer Seals Products.

Our intent is to accept orders for Wafer Seals until stock is depleted, allowing customers to make plans and find future suppliers.

With the cost of materials & shipping continuing to rise, sales continuing to drop, and the impacts of Covid-19 over the last year, we were faced with the options to raise prices or discontinue. In this economic climate for churches, we felt it would be an injustice to charge more for a product that other suppliers can sell cheaper than we can. So, we have made the decision to discontinue this beloved product line.

While we regret that we had to discontinue a product that has been with us for so many years, we are eager to continue serving you and your church in other areas of your ministries.

We thank you for your loyalty throughout the years.

As we look to the future together,

Katie Barratt
Communication Resources, Inc.

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Our Wafer Seal mailing tabs come in a variety of vibrant colors and in classic white or frosted. You can even create your own customized Wafer Seals to spruce up seasonal newsletters or draw special attention to upcoming events featured in your church newsletter.

Preparing a newsletter mailing is a big job, and the last thing you want to do is struggle with applying Wafer Seals. All our Wafer Seals mailing tabs are strong and easy to use – as we are the only company that ships our seals in an easy to use dispenser box for ease of application and storage!

Frosted Wafer Seals

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Wafer Seal Dispenser

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Classic Wafer Seals

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*ALL SALES ARE FINAL / REFUND POLICY: All final inventory sales of Wafer Seals & Dispenser items are marked for final sale. FINAL SALE items cannot be returned for exchanges, credits, or refunds. We will issue refunds only for items lost or damaged in transit.