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Get more than 600 Bible Story Guides, Bible Activity Sheets, and more than 1,500 Children’s Bulletins --  all from one convenient source.

With your membership, you’ll receive access to our entire library of hundreds of puzzles and activity sheets that will help you actively involve children in learning. Online access lets you download materials anytime, anywhere. Search by keyword, Scripture, or topic, and enjoy unlimited use for every teacher and leader in your church.

Do you need ideas and materials to build your own curriculum? Need materials to supplement VBS? Need a program for children's church? Want a kid's activity to match the pastor's message? Need something for a last-minute replacement teacher? Need to fill extra time in a Sunday school classroom? 

Don’t spend hours searching in magazines and books for Bible lesson aids. The Children’s Worship Bulletins / Children's Bible Activities library of bulletins, story guides, and Bible activity sheets is your one-stop source. The messages are basic, positive, and acceptable to Christian churches of all persuasions. The teaching is clear, simple, and faithful to the Scriptures.


Product Detail

  • Reproducible and easy to use 
  • Unlimited use for every teacher and leader in your church 
  • Activity Sheets and Bulletins for older and younger ages 
  • Downloadable anytime, anywhere 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed 
  • Always growing library
  • Searchable by Scripture, keyword, topic, lesson, etc. 
  • A lifesaver for secretaries, teachers, and parents at home 
  • Affordable 
  • A great way to build Bible literacy 
  • Comprehensive! Virtually every Bible story is covered 
  • An excellent curriculum supplement or curriculum builder 


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