HomeTouch®: A Ministry to the Homebound

For your convenience, HomeTouch is a continuous subscription service.

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You visit your shut-ins as often as possible, but because they're confined, time can seem to stretch on for them, and they may feel forgotten by the church. Here's a way to help.

HomeTouch is a weekly inspirational bulletin/letter that you mail to your homebound members to help them feel valued and appreciated. It includes a letter of greeting (with room to add a personal message, if you wish) and an activity page that can help fill those long, quiet times of the day in a meaningful way.

But most importantly, because it arrives without fail, week after week, HomeTouch communicates to your homebound members that they are not forgotten by their church.

We send you a packet each quarter with everything you need. You simply make as many copies as you need and mail them to your shut-ins.

HomeTouch is the next best thing to a personal visit.

Product Detail

HomeTouch provides you:

  1. devotional page to send out each week that includes:
    • A thought for the week
    • A prayer           
    • A short, inspirational message.
    • Includes room for a personal message or signature
  2. An activity page to send out each week
    • Large Type for easy reading
    • Activities vary each week and includes riddles, word search, crossword puzzles and more
    • Include suggested bible readings
    • Include answer key
  3. A quarterly newsletter for the pastor that includes:
    • Ideas to keep your homebound folks connected with church life
    • Material about the homebound you can use in your church newsletter
    • Upcoming technology relevatnt to your homebound members, and more